Green Schools Activity

We received our 3rd flag in May 2015. This theme for this Green Flag was water conservation.  Well done to the Green Schools Committee and all the pupils and staff for their hard work. The flag will be raised on June 26th.







We  received our second Green Flag on May 22nd 2013. We raised the flag on June 27th.

Mrs Bell, along with three members of the committee, went to Croke Park to collect the flag.

The theme for the second flag was ‘Energy’. The children made huge efforts in trying to conserve energy  in the school- from designing posters, switching off lights and computers, comparing oil and electricity bills, closing doors to keep heat in- all this along with continuing work from our First Green Flag.

Keep up the good work boys. Allenwood BNS is proud of you all.


We are proud to announce that we raised out first Green Flag on Friday June 3rd 2011.

Kildare’s Shane McCormack stopped by to celebrate the occasion with us. The celebrations will began at 1pm with the arrival of the flag in a helicopter!

Parents, grandparents, family members, past pupils and local community members came and joined in the celebrations.

Play the video below to learn more.

Green Flag Raising

We are currently working very hard on acheiving our second green flag.



Have a look at the links on the left to see what the children have done to date in working towards the Green Flag.

Below you can see the members of the Green Schools Committee collecting the flag in Croke Park.